Backstories: Jesica Campbell – Michi & Friends

Each of Jesica Campbell’s action figure / pose-able dolls in the Michi & Friends line has her/his/their own personal backstory:


Michi was born to a Metis family in  Manitoba and describes herself as a life long learner.  She is always reading or tinkering with something!

Michi is passionate about how technology and engineering can better our environment, not harm it.  She knows that everything is connected and we need everything to be healthy for the planet to thrive!   Michi also wants to apply her skills as a Maker to bring about technology that will have a positive impact on her ancestral land.

And when she isn’t focused on her education – she explores everything else!  She will devour every sci-fi movie, book, or podcast she can get her hands on, is always up to try a new craft or art project, and loves a great game of lacrosse! 


Sami is Michi’s 13 year old sister.  She is determined, passionate and can always be found out of the house, either on a new adventure or advocating for one of her many causes!  Sami’s first love are animals of all kinds and hopes that with education and respect, we can all do a better job of sharing the planet!


Lilo has been Michi’s best friend since high school when her family moved from the NWT.  They became fast friends after they recognized their mutual love of gaming and cheesy sci-fi movies!  Lilo, a member of the Inuit community, also has a passion for science, but her eyes are on the stars, and on anything ’shiny’ or tech-y!


Michi’s Ojibwe-Metis cousin who loves community, sports, and traditional arts & dancing.


A friend from university and recently emigrated from Sweden, she is passionate about using social platforms for change.


Lilo’s partner whose passion for spicy food, fast skateboards and loud music is her way of showing pride for her Hispanic heritage!

See Michi & Friends in action on Jesica Campbell’s gallery page here.

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