That’s all Folks!

It’s unfortunate that the show closes today while museums, art galleries and cultural spaces are finally expected to re-open in about a week, but that’s how the cookie crumbles so to speak!

Four fifths of Medium of Exchange (plus ASA’s gallery coordinator top right).

It’s uninstall day for the show, and while we are taking the art down we will leave the virtual exhibition up a while longer for all you art lovers out there. For how long I’m not sure yet. I’ve found no guidance online or in conversation as of yet. The territory is still too new. But because of Covid-19 restrictions, the show will live on and reach farther in the virtual realm than would otherwise have been the case.

Let’s chew on that crumb a little more as we think about the future of art exhibitions: How long should a virtual exhibition carry on after the IRL one has closed? How do we encourage a sense of urgency to see a show fresh when the physical requirement to attend during a definite time span is removed?

I don’t know the answer to that yet. Maybe you can share your thoughts on that with me.

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