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In 2017 I met a fellow artist and Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) alumni for coffee. As is often the case, the discussion turned to art. We were both bursting with a personal artistic revelation to share. To our surprise, we had both arrived at the same revelation.

This was the seedling of an idea for an inquiry into the process of creativity.  Our group of five artists, Medium of Exchange, while differing in age and background, had all graduated from the AUArts Fine Art program in 2008. These qualities, coupled with our former experience creating and exhibiting together (Medium of Exchange: Debt, Artpoint Gallery & Studios, Calgary AB, 2010), presented an accessible laboratory.

In my approach to the topic of Process I am interested in investigating the evolution of creativity in artists generally. I approached my collaborative project as research, circulating a creative journal to which each artist contributed their creative journey. This research fed directly into the creation of Life: A Creative Process.  By examining the completed journal within a framework for creative evolution, as discussed in Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein’s article Life Stages of Creativity, I discerned distinct in-common stages in the development of our group members as visual artists. Following from this examination I distilled my own creative journey into four distinct stages of creative development, presented in the four panels.

Referencing epic tapestries as a metaphor for the development of creativity over the span of a human life, Life: A Creative Process consists of four large scale paintings on un-stretched canvas, suspended in the gallery space. Each painting distills a specific stage of creative development from this artist’s lived experience. The paintings are exhibited in conjunction with the collaborative Creative Research Journal (Creative Lives).

About the Artist:

Debbie.lee Miszaniec is a Canadian visual artist working from her studio on the edge of Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary Alberta Canada, where she lives with her husband and two adult children. Her studio paintings engage art history, popular culture and social movements from her western regional, socialist and atheist viewpoints. Since graduating from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2008 she has been involved in a breadth of creative ventures in Calgary, including public commissions, writing about art, teaching classes, giving talks, participating in and leading art events, organizing shows, volunteerism, and studio painting. Her paintings have most recently been seen at the Southern and Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditoriums in Calgary and Edmonton. Since 2010 she has been part of a group of visual artists, self-titled Medium of Exchange, who periodically create work and exhibit together.