Jessica Hauser: Rediscovering Imaginary Worlds

My Process is…

Jesica Hauser speaks to her Process in relation to the exhibition.

In the Gallery…

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Photographer

Artist Statement: 

Jessica’s main artistic focus in recent years has been collaborating with authors by creating book illustrations and colouring pages. She approaches the illustrations in a tradition sense where the written story comes first and then a visual world is created from that. Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. Thus, Jessica sees her work as a constant search for the best way to interpret written ideas in a visual format that both helps the reader navigate the story and also enhances what is written. She uses recognizable imagery rendered with child like wonder, within a fanciful, surreal but somewhat familiar context so that people will become absorbed and perhaps lost in the magic of the illustration.

What drives my work is my desire to give shape to things that can’t be seen in the ordinary world: a boy looking in wonder at massive time pieces, a girl riding her dragon on a cloud or gnomes finding an unusual object.

Jessica’s work jumps from tradition mediums like pencil, watercolour and gauche to the less traditional medium of digital art. Her digital images still begin as pencil drawings quickly rendered first to come up with different concept pieces and then moved over to digital format to complete them.

Jessica is a Calgary based artist with a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts ( formerly ACAD).