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About The Collaborative Projects:

Five Collaborative works: 

The collaborative works for Process were begun in 2018. Each of the five participating artists started an artwork on the topic of Process. The initiating artist set the arena and tone of the discussion by choosing and providing the format/medium of the art object, starting the artwork, and providing context to the group prior to passing the work to the next artist. 

Once the artwork is passed to the next artist, the original artist and each successive artist relinquishes control over that conversation. The initiator has no further input until it comes back to them after all five artists have contributed. 

Works that were rigidly defined according to a history or craft tradition are blown wide open and absorbed into the greater category of creative expression. Assumptions of the form or integrity of a work are challenged. Two dimensional works become three dimensional, and it becomes impossible to separate personal and professional in responding to the initiating artists propositions. 

Jesica Campbell initiated a discussion on the generational evolution of craft practices in the form of Elizabethan blackwork (a traditional embroidery practice). 

Penny Chase’s proposition challenged the process of executing a pure idea onto a pure surface by presenting the group with the un-painting of a highly textured thrift shop decorative canvas. 

Jessica Hauser was interested in challenging us to allow the physical process of painting to happen on two marbleized canvases.

Debbie.lee Miszaniec, investigating the lifetime process of creative evolution of the artist, asked the group to document their creative journeys from birth to the present in a group journal. 

Koren Scott presented a stream of consciousness ink drawing on watercolour paper and gave carte blanche to successive artists to allow their psyche to take the drawing wherever it might go.