Penny Chase: Process Versus Product

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Collaborative Project

Un-Painting, Collaboration initiated by Penny Chase, 20×20, mixed media on canvas, 2018-2020

Visual Artist

Artist Statement

As a painter, I found it particularly distressing when I found that I had a medical condition that affected my ability to create smooth painting strokes.  For a time, I stopped painting but discovered that I could express myself by painting only dots.  This lead me into an entirely different creative process.  This process allowed me to still use colour and form without having to stroke the paint. 

The repetitive process of putting dots down enabled me to lose myself in the process rather than the product.  Repetition is a part of the Covid pandemic.  Every day is a count of new cases and those lost.  I am trying to find meaning and purpose in my new-found isolation.  The dots are isolated but when viewed collectively they produce something entirely different.  Separate but together. 

Covid 19 gave us something we don’t normally have; solitude.  During this time, I returned to something I had done when I was younger.  I sat watching the news channel and allowed the creative process to unfold with no direction.   The news influenced, at times, what appeared in the drawing creating a feedback loop where marks were added as a result of reacting to previous marks and what was on the news.

As deadly as it is, the images of the Corona Virus were strangely beautiful.  With repeated images on the television, they started to show up in my drawings.  Because it is part of nature, the virus is amoral and, while we refer to it as the enemy, it is simply a normal part of nature.  Nature is beautiful in all its aspects.