S Koren Scott: Personal Language

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S Koren Scott, BFA

Visual Artist, Print Maker, Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer by trade, I’m required to communicate  through visual means clearly to specific audiences that may or may not share my personal POV on any number of topics. Semiotics has surrounded my conscious and unconscious mind my entire adult life, but my hopes of mastering it the way I felt I should’ve had constantly tortured and eluded me. I struggled to find authentic visual terminology that would connect to an audience without giving the ‘milk away for free’ while still providing a visually compelling composition. I believed if my audience didn’t read exactly what I was communicating, I would have failed them and my practice.

Relating to this show and my current body of work, ‘Process ‘and the group ‘Medium of Exchange’, I’ve come to realize that I have built my own visual language that cumulatively grew a dialogue to an audience of ‘one’, of ‘none’ and of ‘many’, and I’m okay with that. Appreciate what you will, take from it what you want, or leave it. The ‘exchange’ happens regardless, whether positive or negative. I am not attempting to be a provocateur nor am I stirring up culture bias. I believe in the power of resonance and if the symbols attract you on any level then the connection is made. My process did not begin at this moment, it began the first time I picked up a pencil and made a mark on paper. My process continues as an interchange between a perceived collective cognition and personal exploration.